Why is the treatment in India so cheap?

There are various factors that determine the cost factor for the treatment. Some of the reasons why the treatment is cheap in India include
  • Government taxes are not high in comparison to other countries
  • Cost of labor is not high and the conversation rate is also favorable
  • The construction costs for hospitals is not high
  • The shuffling of administrative paperwork is not like other countries.
  • Cheaper medications/equipments and medical supplies
  • India has good resources for health and wellness
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What facilities do you provide apart from the medical facilities?

We provide transportation facilities which is not just picking you or dropping you to the airport but will also drive you around the city during you stay. Your accommodation will also be setup close by the hospital and will cater to all you needs. If you have a caretaker along with you, we will ensure that even they are comfortable.
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Will I be provided with a care taker or do I have to arrange for my own?

It is your choice, if you feel you want to get someone along with you then you are free do so. In fact, we recommend that you get someone of your own as it will be helpful for you even when you go back since they will be updated with all the necessary information that will be beneficial for the care needed once you go back. However, if you want us to make arrangements of a caretaker for you we can do it.
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I have a medical insurance; can I use it for my treatment in India?

It would be advisable to first speak to your insurance company if they will cover the cost of your treatment overseas. If they do, you can give us the contact information of the person with whom we can co-ordinate with and leave the rest to us.

What are the factors considered while choosing a medical care service or facility for me?

While selecting the medical service provider, we keep into consideration your medical history and the type of treatment you need. If you have any particular facility in mind, you can let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements for you if they are tied up with us.

If I have any concerns who can I contact while I’m in India?

When you are in India, you will have a dedicated Relationship Manager who will be available for your 24/7. We can also make arrangement for a prepaid Sim card which can be used while you are in India for your treatment.

Considering my medical condition, would it be safe for me to travel so far?

We will ensure that your travel will be comfortable for you. All the necessary safety measures will be taken to ensure that nothing goes wrong while you are travelling. Right from the time you leave home until you return back, we will take care of every small detail to ensure that you do not face any inconvenience.

My English is not very good, do you have a translator?

Yes, every hospital that is associated with Medical Tourism Industry have a translator onboard so that it can be convenient for the patient, you can avail the services of the translator if you feel it is needed.

What are the safety and privacy measures taken for International Patients?

Safety and security for any medical tourist coming to India is our prime concern, this is why we ensure that you have someone with you at all times. Our staff will take good care of you while you are here, you will also have a dedicated driver and car to take you around. We believe in the privacy confidentiality concept, you can be sure that any information provided to us will not be misused.

How good are the doctors who will treat me and what are the quality standards maintained by the hospital?

Indian Doctors are known and acknowledged globally for their prowess and skills, even in the United States there are many well known doctors who are from India. We also have doctors who have gone to the UK or US for their further education and practice internationally and domestically. Some of them are also part of the Medical board in big hospitals across the globe.

Are the hospitals well equipped for my treatment?

We associate ourselves with the countries’ top notch hospitals. These medical facilities have the best services and treatments and are well equipped to cater to the needs of the patients. We will only associate you or your treatment with a hospital that is capable of handling the needs of your treatment. These hospitals are on par with the international standards and provide services and practices on that level.

What are the services that are included in the program?

We offer various kinds of services that is incorporated in the travel program. Apart from the medical treatment and services, we can also arrange for a sightseeing tour and take care of other wellness related programs for you.

What documents are needed and what is the process for sharing the medical information?

You can share your medical file and documents on the designated email address that will be communicated to you. Along with that we would need a copy of your passport and other such documents to arrange your visa.

Can my doctor co-ordinate with the doctors there so that s/he knows about the treatment?

It is always advisable to keep your local doctor updated with any change in the treatment. Our doctors will co-ordinate with your local doctor to ensure that s/he is updated with the treatment you have taken. We will also let your doc know about the treatment that has been given to you so that it can be continued there or even followed up.

Where should I make my payments for the treatment?

All the payments for your treatment should be made directly to the hospital or healthcare facility. They offer various modes of payments which will make it easy for you.

After my treatment, do you provide after care or follow up services also?

Yes, even though your treatment is completed, we still provide the follow up or after care service. You can also stay in touch with the doctor that has treated you for any questions or concerns. The necessary information about the treatment will also be passed down to your doctor so that it becomes easy for him/her.

Which medical procedures attract tourists to India?

A lot of medical tourists come for various orthopedics and heart treatments. They also come for skin and other cosmetic treatment. We have couples coming to India and opting for the IUI and IVF programs. Apart from that, we also have people who come down for Ayurvedic and Herbal treatments and even other programs that we offer.