Insight on the factors that determine the growth of medical tourism in India

Potential cities of India that are the next hub for Medical Tourism
February 24, 2020
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Insight on the factors that determine the growth of medical tourism in India

Medical Tourism

Although in the recent times we have heard a lot about medical tourism; the concept is not new. If you go back to ancient history, you will find that even during those era’s or age; people across various civilizations travelled across the world to avail different kinds of treatments. Although at that time, the medical facilities and services were not advanced as what we see today; but nevertheless, the ancient healing practises and techniques were still in demand. While today, medical tourism in India is on the rise; during the ancient times, the country was still popular for its natural therapies and treatments like Ayurveda.

The growth of medical tourism in India

Today, India is one of the top and best countries that people visit for medical tourism. Factors like affordable healthcare services and facilities, international standards and quality control; as well as globally recognised medical professionals and healthcare service providers; are just some of the many reasons why people come to the country. Moreover, medical tourists also have the flexibility of availing various kinds of alternate wellness centric treatment and facilities.
Close to millions of people travel across the world of for medical facilities and treatments every year. In India alone, approximately 4 lack medical tourists come to the country for various kinds of healthcare centric services and facilities. The health tourism in India is growing at a rapid pace; and even the country’s Government is taking all the necessary precautions and preventive measures to cater to the wellbeing and security of the medical tourists. As per experts, the Indian medical tourism sector will be around $ 9 billion by 2020.

Factors that have made the country the preferred medical tourism destination

In comparison to any other country as well as established medical tourism destinations like US and UK; there are many driving factors that determine the growth of medical tourism in India. Some of them include
• Lower or economical pricing of medical treatments and facilities
• World-class care and services
• Renowned and well known doctors and medical professionals who practise within the country and abroad
• The growth and cutting edge technology used in the healthcare industry
• Better infrastructure, facilities, services and health care service providers
• Less to no wait time for medical tourists to avail any particular treatment or surgery
• Easy and fast medical visa services and facilities; including the introduction of e-Medical visa for both the attendant and patient.
A look at the future of medical tourism in India
Given the fact that medical tourism in India is growing at such a rapid pace, the country shows no signs of slowing down. Instead, now it is coming up with more lucrative measures to help ensure that the healthcare sector provides even better services and treatments. With an estimate growth of 20% per year; It won’t be too long when India will not just be considered as one of the best medical tourism destination in the world; instead it will be the best destination for medical tourists in every way.