MedGlobal Solutions Pre-Screening Process provides ease for traveling patients

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February 25, 2020
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MedGlobal Solutions Pre-Screening Process provides ease for traveling patients

Asian tourist with luggage ,wearing mask to prevent during travel time at the airport terminal for protect from the new Coronavirus 2019 infection outbreak situation

Medical tourism provides various kinds of benefits for patients. Medical tourists have one of the biggest challenges while travelling and that is their health. Whenever a person travels with any health condition; it is very important to ensure that all precautionary and preventive measures are taken. In the case of medical tourism, you not only get patients with simple cases; however, you also have those with complex medical conditions as well. This is why, the pre-screening process is very crucial. We at MedGlobal Solutions have follow a very strict guideline before our clients plan to travel.

We first gauge if the travel is necessary

With the advancement of modern technology and healthcare services; today, people can still avail better services even from their home country. Before we actually recommend the travel, our team of medical experts will first understand and also check if there are any alternatives available in your home country.

We see the potential risk of travelling

In general, we all know that travelling can be very stressful; however, in the case of medical tourist, it is even more stressful. The running around and flying in a cramped place can create a lot of inconvenience. We at MedGlobal Solutions first understand all the potential risks there are of travelling and make arrangements accordingly. In the case of a long flight, we always recommend either traveling in a business class or at least choose a bulkhead seat for extra comfort.

We put in efforts to meet up with your expectations

Every patient/client has certain expectations when they invest money for a particular service or facility. Our team members work very hard to meet up with our client’s expectations. We understand the frustration of travelling with a particular sickness and how it can overstress you. Similarly, the fact that you have come to a new country can make you feel anxious.

The financial constraints and budget

Another important factor of our pre-screening process is to look into any financial constraints and budgets. This is one of the major deciding factors based on which we customize our packages. Our team of planners will take all the necessary expenses into consideration while deciding on what kind of package will be suitable for you. Based on that, we will also make recommendations so that you can avail our services.

A final note

The pre-screening process with MedGlobal Solutions is a critical process that helps us to serve our clients. We keep all the major factors in mind so that our clients get the best service from us.  All the necessary clinical guidelines will be kept in mind while reserving your seat so that you do not have to do anything. As a company, we do our best to live up to your expectations and ensure that your travel and stay in India is as comfortable as you expect it to be. If there is a potential and fatal risk involved, our company makes the necessary arrangements; so that you can carry on your treatment while sitting at home or availing treatment from their home country itself.


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