Potential cities of India that are the next hub for Medical Tourism

Insight on the factors that determine the growth of medical tourism in India
February 23, 2020
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February 25, 2020
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Potential cities of India that are the next hub for Medical Tourism

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Potential cities of India that are the next hub for Medical Tourism

In the recent years, there has been a growth in the Medical tourism industry in India. One of the biggest contributors towards this aspect has been the city of Bangalore. The city has made its mark and position in the IT Sector and already earned the name of being the Silicon Valley of India, now with cheap healthcare services, better innovations in technology and state of the art facilities and equipments in healthcare facilities, Bangalore is clearly showing that there is more to the city than just providing the best IT Professionals.
The city already has highly trained and skilled doctors who provide the best health care services. The city has made its position in the global map by catering to the complex treatment needs of patients at economical prices. It has already had a few glorious moments in the medical field during the time foreign nationals were being treated, like the Nigerian conjoined twin’s separation as well as the Yemen patient who stood after seven years due to a bone infection. While Bangalore has already started doing their part towards the improvement and growth of the Medical Tourism sector for the country, other cities and states are equally taking initiatives to ensure that the country becomes the best destination for Medical tourism.


The city of dreams and home to Bollywood celebrities, Mumbai has taken a lot of Initiatives and steps to reach the place where it stands today. Now the city that never sleeps is working on a new agenda so that they it can come into the list of the top destinations in the world for medical tourism. Mumbai already has a few good setups and healthcare facilities which provide the best services in the country; however, now the plans are to come up with more facilities that will focus towards catering purely to the medical tourism sector.
A lot of initiatives are taken to improve the infrastructure of the city and the state; there are plans to improve the facilities not just in Mumbai but also in Nagpur and Pune so that the state can do its part in contributing towards the growth of the Medical tourism sector in the country. The state government is working on a plan by creating a web platform for patients across the Globe who is looking out for assistance for their health. Another initiative that is being taken is to come up with a task force which will contribute in drafting and executing the necessary policies and initiatives towards the Medical Tourism sector in the state.


The Land of the Nawabs has already taken its first step into the Medical Tourism sector by hosting the International India Medical Tourism Congress (IIMTC), now the city is all set to work towards becoming a part of the sector in every way possible. Presently the city does see a few international patients who come for there for medical services, however now; there are plans to open up a new facility which will give patients the benefit extending their stay for reasons like special nutritional diet, physiotherapy or post operative care. With this facility, patients will not have to worry about staying in the hospital.
The accommodation facility that will be offered will provide the necessary services and care under the same roof. They will coordinate with the respective doctor/hospital to ensure that the right care is given to the patient on the basis of what is recommended by the specialist or hospital. This concept has already seen a good response abroad in places like Bangkok and Costa Rica, now Hyderabad plans to bring it to India.


In the field of Ayurveda, Kerala has already made its mark to be one of the best destinations for natural therapies, now the Kerala government is focusing on working towards ways to boost the healthcare services and blend it in with the tourism sector. The first step has already been taken with the formation of the Kerala Medical Value Travel Society (KMVTS) in 2015. The KMVTS is an organization that will help boost the tourism sector for healthcare. Alongside Kerala Travel Mart, the Kerala government has plans to work towards making the state a hub for Medical tourism by 2020.
In the summit that took place in Kerala called The Kerala Healthcare Tourism Summit in 2015, it was not just the formation of the organization which was a part of the agenda. However, even the primary motives of the organization were another topic in the list which was the various initiatives and steps that would be taken to ensure that Kerala comes into the list of the top destinations for medical tourism in the world. With proper planning, a good strategy and the right initiatives and moves, the aim is to make the state one of the healthcare hubs of India. Even hospitals in Kerala have joint hands with the organization and are working towards this initiative so that


Goa has already made its mark as one of the best places to visit in India, now the Government of Goa is working towards gaining a new title of being the potential city for Medical Tourism in India. There are various initiatives that are being planned so that health care facilities can provide even better services using the state of the art equipments.
Another thing in the pipeline is to open up super specialty facilities which not only belong to the private sector but even from the Government’s end. Professionals are being trained so that they can provide treatments and services which are on par with the international standards. Even the Medical Collage of Goa that is run by the Government is doing their part to help attract more patients into the state.

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