Why India

Why is India the best destination for medical tourism?

India has always been known for its natural treatments and alternate medical practises like Ayurveda and Yoga. Apart from that, it is also known for its rich and beautiful culture. As a tourist destination, India is one of the most popular holiday destinations that attract millions of tourists every year. However, in the recent times, the country has also become a popular and favourable choice for medical tourists.

The boom of medical tourism in India

Presently, India is considered to be one of the growing markets in the medical tourism sector. Nevertheless, it has still made it mark to be the one of the best countries that provides economical yet quality centric healthcare services and facilities. The Indian market is seeing a massive growth in the healthcare sector all thanks to its strong pharmaceutical industry, cheap international travel and health centric services and facilities as well as quality health care services. As per expert predictions, by 2020, the Indian medical tourism market will be worth close to $9 billion.

The top destinations/cities in India

Presently, Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu are the top destinations/ cities in India that attracts medical tourists from various parts of the world. For natural or alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Kerala is one of the most popular states for tourists. However, the Indian government is working hard to ensure that various other states and cities also come up in the list. This will help to provide and cater to even more medical tourists and patients from different parts of the world.

Initiatives for better healthcare centric investments and infrastructure

Given the fact that the Indian Medical and Wellness tourism market is on the rise, the Indian government is working towards better healthcare centric investments and infrastructure. These are not only the two major magnets that attract medical tourists, however, they are also the pillars of the medical tourism industry in India. Just like how the country caught up and became known for the Industry of Information Technology, similarly. The fingers are also pointed out towards this aspect. By the looks of it, it seems that the next crown of the country is going to be Medical tourism.

Indian market is attractive and economical

Infrastructure and better health-related investments will decide the future of Medical Tourism in India. While all trends point towards an increasing demand for medical services in India, some key factors will determine whether medical tourism becomes India’s next crown jewel, like our Information Technology

The Indian Market is on par with International Standards

India has some of the best hospitals which are equipped with the latest machines and technology known in the field of medicine. Since they can provide various treatments, a few Indian hospitals have even raised their standards so that it is in par with the International market. This is also another reason why tourists are attracted to the Indian Medical Tourism. These hospitals’ have also ensured that the facilities and arrangements are as per the standards set by the Joint Commission Accreditation for hospitals and Food and Drug Administration.